The Wood

Tradition and Design

Since the past, the wood has always been considered a valuable material in its texture and utilisation, and to now days, it is an innovative material of the sustainable future.

It remains the essential element for the applied design / planning in different fields, from the macro construction sector to that of design and furniture, especially when you want to preserve a style of MADE in Italy.

The main charateristic of this natural material is the resistance, which, at the same time, offers high aesthetic quality and maximum flexibility, adaptable and manageable in every use.

The artisans have been working the wood with passion for many years, passing on from generation to generation the experience and skilled professional in the field of wood.



The "hard wood" is the most valuable type of wood for its sturdiness.

It is obtained from the center of the trunk, the part called "heartwood", known for the absence of processing with chemicals. In fact, the only treatment possible before processing is the seasoning that serves to eliminate the moisture of fresh wood.

This and other precious woods of greater hardness, make use of colors and veins, excellent for the realization of small artifacts, for esemple internal divisions for drawers, spice rack and much more.

Types Of Material

To Combine with Wood

The naturalness of this raw material is ideal for matching it with equally precious materials such as natural stones, leathers, ceramics, iron, brick and glass.

This is why the combination of natural materials such as wood and marble, with their grain, make it even more unique a space furnished in modern style.

The glass, aesthetically light and pure, is opposed to the wood that appears a solid material. The union of this contrast it blends well in any style of design.

It is therefore possible to switch from traditional furnishings, thanks to the fineness of ceramic and precious wood to the elegance of leather combined with the wood’s grain, which live a space in classic style.

Nothing forbids to recreate a more rustic style, putting together two elements such as wood and brick, and if we want a touch of vintage. Just insert some iron elements and it makes all more industrial.

These are just a few examples of how the combination of several materials designs a space of different styles of furniture, but where the wood remains the only protagonist.

Furnish with

Marble and Wood


Other typer of Material to be combined with wood

The family of materials that can be combined with wood is very large:

• Sintered stones (Dekton, Neolith, Lapitec, Laminam)
• Quartz derivatives (Quartz, Silestone, Okite, Santamargherita, Marmotex)
• Laminates (Abs, Postformed, Fenix) and stratified HPL
• Solid Surfaces (Corian, Krion, Paperstone)
• Stoneware and technical ceramics (Kerlite, Laminam)
• Natural stones and marbles (granites, calacatta, K-Proof)
• Steel
• Smoothed cement
• Plastic or acrylic materials
• Recycled materials (Ecomalta)